QUESTION: When you say customers express their desired frequency, categories, and interests, do they do it by texting the business, or some other way?
ANSWER: The customer does NOT send text messages (SMS) to the business. They access a "preferences" page via the web browser on their mobile device. The URL for the page is sent to them upon opt-in to a business.

If their mobile device does not have Internet access, they can type the short URL into a computer web browser and set their desired frequency, interests, and categories.
QUESTION: I'm a customer and can't find the link to set my preferences. Help!
QUESTION: Is there anyone who can integrate the information with my website and business design, and schedule the Scoops for me?
ANSWER: Yes! We have certified "ScoopMasters" who can do all of the above and more, including social media integration. View the list.
QUESTION: Can I import my own list of customer mobile phone numbers?
ANSWER: The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) and carriers require an explicit opt-in process before sending messages to consumers. Hence simply blasting SMS messages to an existing list is not possible.

However, we have some alternatives we can provide you on a per-project basis. Contact us at [email protected] for more information about your particular case.
QUESTION: What if I have an existing email list? How can I use that?
ANSWER: You can send an email to them with the SMS signup instructions. In this email, you can use a tracking code (e.g. "text to 33938"). The "email" part of the text message is detected by TextScoop and we report that to you in your dashboard as part of our signup analytics.
QUESTION: Does TextScoop adhere to the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), carrier, and CAN-SPAM guidelines?
QUESTION: How do I know my text messages went through to my customers?
ANSWER: The dashboard shows a count for each user that has received a message for one of your campaings (the information is updated immediately). We keep a log of every response from the carrier for each message and hence can review any delivery issues or questions you might have.
QUESTION: Do I get the customer phone numbers for whose who signup?
ANSWER: No. This is one of the main benefits of TextScoop for the consumer. The second most popular reason consumers don't signup for traditional SMS marketing services is concerns over privacy, and giving their mobile phone number to businesses.

By ensuring their number is private, the rate of adoption is much higher and ensures greater customer satisfaction.
QUESTION: Is my data private?
ANSWER: Yes! All of your data is private, not resold or remarketed. undergoes regular security audits ensuring PCI compliance.
QUESTION: Do I have to order separate credits for each of my stores?
ANSWER: No. All your SMS credits are pooled across all the locations to which your admin account has access.